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The Logos Background
Heraldic Shield

As we know, heraldry was first created as a system of identifying individuals by means of ancestral symbols placed upon a shield, which also offered physical protection as armour. The symbols and colours on the family shield resembled their morals and actions.

The shield which is located in the foyer of !Uris Safari Lodge resembles commitment and is the embodiment of creativity, poetry, harmony, musicality and a declaration of a code of ethics. The symbols of the shield represent the owners as noble defenders validating each other in wealth, generosity, peacefulness, purity and sometimes in secrecy but worthy in ambition. They trade as defenders of service and devotion to honour. They are objects of veneration and pursuers of honour with virtues in warlike deeds. Objectives are eagerly pursuit with unmatched courage and in times of defence, their values are constant, making this an indomitable team.